Next time…trust your instincts.

Yesterday in the lunchroom I passed up the chance to help someone who may have needed it. I should probably explain and you as Reader can ponder what you would’ve done. Within the past week or so, I have heard a particular rumor about a particular individual. I know I’m not the only one who’s caught the word, and whether it’s even partially true, no one will ever know. That being said, yesterday a group of students at a lunch table were giving this person a hard time. By this I mean you could hear occasional outbursts of laughter, the body language of the students was very…hyperactive. Plus word had circulated to my own table what all the commotion was about. Before we knew it, the person being targeted suddenly stood up and flooded to the restroom.

I don’t think anyone around me noticed that the person had removed themselves. But I did, and I had the very strong urge to follow them. Now here I am, the day after this happened and I’m still thinking about it. Why did I allow myself to just be another bystander, isn’t that what every adult these days says NOT to do? Let’s say I had gone to comfort them, what would I have said? Because let’s face it, say the rumor that sparked this incident was true. Do I personally “agree” with what’s being said they did? No, absolutely not. But we’re all human here and we all make not-so-intelligent decisions in high school and in time we will all work through our own consequences. But I could’ve been the reassurance they needed, I could’ve made them smile. I am genuinely ashamed that I went against my gut instinct to help someone…


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