Best friend appreciation

I’m writing this because my best friend requested it. She knows I love to write and she gives praise to everything of mine that she reads. Although she sarcastically told me to write a post about her, I’m going to. So this is for you, Best Friend. (

We were not friends right away. In fact it wasn’t until about a year after my arrival to the district that we became friends. Even then, it still took us a long time to become as close as we are today. Now that readers have a very broad gist of our friendship, let us move on.

Thank you. For everything. You’ve done more favors for me and made more sacrifices that I will ever be able to amount to. I try to thank you as much as I can verbally, but I will humbly admit that my actions may not always come off as “thankful” or “grateful”. You have gone to lengths to help me when no one else would, not even family, and for that I thank you. I have trust issues, you know this. But I trust you with my life. I say this without hesitation because well, as you and I know, you’ve saved it on several occasions.

You’ve watched me change a lot in the past year or so, but even more especially in the past few months. And I know this sounds awfully one-sided (sorry). You’ve been right there through a breakup, family crisis, episodes concerning mental illness, all of it, girl. You are one of the most selfless people I’ve met in my life; and I’m cocky enough to say that I’m glad it was me to be blessed with you as my sidekick.

I mentioned that this all may sound one-sided and I say this because you almost never come to me with anything. I feel like you never lean on me for anything. You keep everything inside and then every once in a blue moon you’ll have a day where you get really quiet and such. I don’t like that. It triggers my anxiety when you have these days, and sometimes I feel you don’t trust me enough to just be open and tell me what’s really wrong. Sometimes I wish you’d let me help you like you help me.

Anyways, here’s your appreciation post. To sum it up, I love you. Everyone always says after high school all your friends disappear, which in my case isn’t far from true. But I don’t think you’re going anywhere….sucks for you.(;


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