Body modification and such

I spent about 10 minutes deciding to get my septum pierced. That was pretty irresponsible on my part, but here I am 2 weeks later and I don’t regret it at all. I’ve vaguely mentioned in a previous post that I’m a big advocate for utilizing your body as a way to express what you represent. In other words, I’m fascinated by the art of body modification. This past June, I had my heart broken. To cope with that, I began wearing makeup and I bleached my hair a couple times. The person I separated from never “let” me wear makeup and if I mentioned dying my hair, they opposed and made me feel self-conscious. So, this summer, those chains were gone and I came out of my shell.

I love my new hair. I take pride in wearing makeup. Piercing my septum shows people that I don’t care if they look twice (because trust me they do). A few people have told me it makes me look like a bull, and I’m sure several more have said similar things behind my back. Let me tell you though, it took a lot of courage to take a clamp and needle to the face. Your septum is notoriously painful to pierce. And my experience was no different. I actually had it done twice; the first time the weekend of October 22nd and the second this past Halloween weekend. I had to get it redone because it was done way too high and was indescribably uncomfortable and not healing correctly. This time around all is well.

In the future I plan to also get my tongue and clavicles done. I know there’s a lot of people out there that think this is disgusting and whatnot, but hey. To each their own. I don’t care so leave me alone. To those of you who want to turn your noses up, go live on the edge and paint your nails or something.



¨Multiple facial piercings¨ by used under


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