Green Tea Tuesdays

I was raised by my (biological) mom. She stayed single until I was about 11. She is very much a…free spirit. I would describe her as a “hippie”. My mom is covered in tattoos and has several piercings. Her hair is naturally a curly disaster, but she never cares. Growing up, music was always playing from the kitchen and she is a truly gifted singer.

I don’t remember how old I was, but there came a point in my childhood when I noticed how often my mom drank green tea. So one day, out of curiosity, I simply asked her why. Her response has stuck with me after all these years. She smoothly replied with:

“Green tea heals the soul.”

There was just something so…wholesome. About that. Now here I am at the treacherous age of 16, with my own opinion. I firmly believe in souls and the beautiful things they are capable of. I’m also a firm believer of “hippie”-type things such as essential oils and dreamcatchers. So, with my quirky way of thinking, her response makes some sort of satisfying sense to me. Green tea is natural, and herbal (sometimes), and healthy.

The name of this blog, Green Tea Tuesdays, is indeed, real. Over the summer I went through a lot of personal changes, as I feel I’ve mentioned 2.5 million times on my blog, and I decided my soul could use a break. There was an instance that got me thinking about my mom and I remembered her wise words. I drink green tea every Tuesday.


Here’s the link to the photo featured above by Unsplash:



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