All Good Things Come to an End

Some things are better left unsaid, they say. It’s better to bite your tongue than to eat your words, they say. Well let me tell you. I am out of breath. I’d rather die choking on these confessions than live with them burning invisible wounds in my throat.
I hate you.
You are an excuse. A mistake. You are my single biggest mistake.
All along I thought you were guiding me along the road to loving myself, but no. That’s not where we went at all.
I thought you were perfect, and beautiful, and mine. I thought you were mine.
I told myself I loved me because you loved me. If you did, I could too.
How pathetic of me, waiting for your “approval” to love myself.
I don’t need your damn approval. I don’t need you.
I hate you.
And let me tell you I’d rather die with blood on my hands and a pocket full of grudges than die with blood on my wrists and a heart full of false guilt.
Guilt that you deserve to live with, my friend.
Not me, no. Not this time.
You don’t feel the guilt yet, but in time you will, because what goes up must come down.
That includes you and your high horse.



Photo by Live Life Happy:

"You don't have to prove yourself to anyone."


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