“Rebel of the year”.

So today, people took note of my smiley piercing. Honestly, most reactions have been negative. Do I care, nope. But a particular person decided to call me “rebel of the year”. And they said it such a disgusted tone. The person I’m referring to is not in Crawford English so they will not see this, but really dude? Leave me alone and keep your false superiority to yourself. I’m not a rebel and I’m not trying to be. I’m comfortable in my skin and I’m doing what I want to my body as self-expression. I’ve got the confidence to take needles for the sake of “a look”, uh..sorry I guess?

I’m happy with my smiley, I’m happy with my septum. Did I mention I’m getting a double in my septum, tomorrow actually? Well I am…because I can.

Photo by Claire Louise         https://uk.pinterest.com/explore/smiley-piercing/




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