Baby steps.

Yesterday’s post (11-13-16) was about the fact that I’ve set my heart on walking again. I’m aware of and accept the fact that I will never walk “like you guys do”. That’s not what I’m looking to do. I’m looking to overcome my differences, once again. I’m constantly trying to one-up myself..those of you who know me personally can back that up.

To those who don’t know, I have been in a chair for 6 years. I am NOT paralyzed. YES, I can feel my legs. YES, I can move my legs. So why, 6 years later am I finally attempting to do this? Well…I don’t really have an answer for as to why I’ve waited so long. Like I said, I guess this is just me pushing myself to overcome something and prove people wrong.

I will not be doing therapy. This process will be all me. Mind over matter. I walked down the stairs today, and back up. I has holding the rail, yeah. And my best friend had my other hand. To be honest, it was very painful and took my breath away. But for goodness sake today was the FIRST time in six years that I planted my unsteady feet on the ground and took on a staircase. I honestly can’t describe that feeling you guys.

To the young lady who was holding my hand…Thank you. It may not seem like a lot, but if there’s anything I’m gonna need through this experience, it’s you. And not just because you’d be able to pick my clumsy butt up if I fell. Thank you for being willing to go step by step, nice and slow. Thank you for those quiet words of encouragement under your breath. Thank you for being patient when I had to stop and collect myself before taking another step. Lastly, whether it sounds selfish or not, thank you for telling me how proud you were.

Thank you to everyone who has already given encouraging words. They are all very much appreciated and support will be what fuels me. ❤


Black Footprints Clipart” by Karen Arnold under Public Domain License



2 thoughts on “Baby steps.

  1. Ok I’ll be honest. I was 100% sure this was Jared ______’s blog until I saw the previous post. Yeah, I’m an idiot. My stupidity aside, and despite the fact that I’m horrible with encouraging messages, good luck to you. I’m sure you can do this 🙂


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