My grandma.

I spent the day with my grandma today. God, do I love that woman. She’s not your typical grandparent. She’s very goofy, has a dirty sense of humor and thoroughly enjoys trips to Rue21. I hadn’t seen  her in three weeks; and for us that’s an eternity. She’s very much like “You let me know exactly who you want to be and I will do anything I can to help you be happy.” Despite this, I took my septum ring out for my visit just to be safe. I was indecisive about revealing my smiley piercing to her too (it’s in my mouth so easily concealed). She kinda sorta discovered it herself though. I was fiddling with it while raiding the pantry and noticed. I wish I could recall her reaction for you, being that it was hilarious. Grandma has a colorful vocabulary  though, so I cannot. (: She was pretty fascinated though, even more so after I admitted my septum is done too. I’m SO relieved that my biggest supporter likes them, her approval is a deal-breaker for me in life. My grandma is honestly a best friend, and next time I will not hesitate to show her any further additions!(:


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