Short hair. Long hair. Curly. Straight. Brown. Red. Blonde. Pink. Why does a girl’s hair define her so much? Why do girls get so emotionally attached to it? I’ve never understood this. I cut my hair all the time. I’ve experimented with color a handful of times, and highlighted mine several times. I’m not saying I “don’t care” about my hair; I know it’s vital to have healthy hair. But why is it not unheard of for a girl to shed a tear at the salon, or how do some go years looking exactly the same?

Or when girls have short hair, why’s it sometimes seen as masculinity? Why is it sometimes seen as an absolute taboo for a guy to have hair past his shoulders? I mean it’s………………… It’s grows without us realizing and it’s just, there.

This is probably the most ridiculous post I’ve even typed.


“Why?” by Bert Everson under CC license





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