There are
Types of people in this world.
Keep the fast food napkins,
You don’t.


7 thoughts on “II.

  1. I’m with galaxyspork on this one. On the surface it is really sweet in a funny kind of way. Then you can think about it and discover a variety of interpretations. So although it is your piece, people can find their own meaning in it. I also loved the emphasis by simply changing colours. This should be a postcard or a poster. Wonder what designs would be on there… 😉


  2. So funny! My husband’s grandparents used to take everything (the salt packets, the napkins, the ketchup), but I think it was due to them living through the Great Depression. I keep napkins, too, for my husband’s runny nose (which he seems to have constantly while we drive places.) I liked the color change, too.


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