Summer of Love. ’17

Summers are usual very tedious for me. Honestly, the past 3 summers I’ve ended up in some sort of trouble. I was stumbling through a cloudy time, slipping in and out of good judgement.

This summer, 2017, has been beautiful.
And it is coming to a close very soon.

As a NIght Owl, I spend many nights with my music up loud and getting lost in my thoughts. And nowadays all I can seem to think about is how damn thankful I am for these past 3 months.

Image-1 (3)

I’ve spent this summer living with my brother here with our grandparents, about 2 hours away from my home. We’ve had tremendous fun…

Image-1 (6)

We’ve spent countless hours on the lake. We are lucky enough to have a family home within view of the water, along with a boat to explore it. I’ve had my boat license for a year now, and having the responsibility of taking relatives out to enjoy the glass-like blue water has become very therapeutic for me.



We were also fortunate enough to travel (safely) to our nation’s capitol, DC. It was my third visit, but Grandma’s first, so it was special for me to experience with her. Andrew was there for a college visit..I think the hardest part was being away from him for 2 weeks!!

Image-1 (7)IMG_20170714_174419

The getaway was nice, and much appreciated. But my family and I were very glad to be home. Since we returned, I’ve just put a lot of thought into the next year I have to tackle. Quite frankly, it is my last year before adulthood, and my God do I have a lot of work to do.

Words can’t describe just how gracious I am that I have spent this summer to it’s fullest. I’ve very happy. Sobriety is so sweet…family and strong friendships are even sweeter.

Lots of little things have happened, too, that made my world a little brighter…


A nose ring…


A new wheelchair…

Birthday blood

Savin’ some lives…(blood donation)


Plenty of bloopers…


And lots of memories made…<3



All images taken by Me.


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